Thank you for your interest in EverCrest kennels...all our pups come on sp/nt contracts unless being sold as a show prospect.. All show prospects are sold under a Show Contract... Each pup comes with a written contract and may place a deposit on any puppy if you meet the guidelines for placement of our Chinese Crested..we like to ask a few questions and make sure this is the breed for you and the right home for them..  We are show breeders there-for we do not produce many litters  and the best is kept for show...the cost of our pups vary according to litter ... Our price range is between $700 - $2500.  We occasionally have older dogs and rescues available to the right home..Please feel free to contact us with any questions..We would be happy to help you in any way we can...
SAMPLE Show Contract

1. It is understood that this dog is being purchased as a potential Show and Breeding quality animal.  This dog does not possess any AKC disqualifying faults at this time.  Buyer agrees to earn an AKC Champion Dog title by 2 years of age.  Buyer agrees to seriously show and promote this dog to his fullest potentially. If buyer is unable to do so Buyer must contact seller to arrange and discuss other options..such as but not limited to..sending back to seller to be shown (fees apply) sending out with a professional handle (fees apply).

2. Seller DOES not Guarantee it is the Buyers responsibility to tape and train the ears to stand.. Seller does not guarantee color of the dog to stay through its life..As this breed is known for its coloring changing abilities..

3..Buyer shall not permit this dog to breed until the dog has attained one of the following titles:  1) AKC Championship, or 3) AKC Agility  Dog title. 3) CKC (Canadian) Title.  The dog must also have been minimally cerfed  and a copy of this report received by the Breeder to the Seller.. There must be no disqualifying genetic or temperamental faults according to the current AKC standard for the breed.  Should this dog develop an AKC disqualifying fault by 24 months of age, the Buyer has the following options:  1 Breeder will replace the dog as soon as possible, with another show potential puppy at pet price. But only if the Seller still feels this is a suitable home for a new pup to enter and seller feels that the buyer fulfilled his/her agreement.. In either case proof of sterilization must be furnished and the dog may be kept as a companion.

4.Buyer understands PRA/PRACD is a problem.  With the utmost thought and care this puppy’s parents were chosen.  testing as been done on these lines  , to insure that this puppy has a lower chance of having these problems.   If this dog develops a serious health problem that is solely hereditary by the age of 24 months that results in euthanasia, the Breeder will offer a replacement puppy from a future litter, subject to the terms of this agreement and availability.  Breeder is not responsible for any costs of care or treatment for this dog.

5.Buyer agrees to abide by the terms of this agreement, without exception unless changes are mutually agreed to in writing.  It is stipulated by and between the parties that failing to comply with the conditions of this agreement will result in the dog, the dog’s ownership and all AKC papers being returned permanently to the Breeder.  If any breeding, accidental or otherwise has taken place against the terms and/or conditions of this contract, this dog and AKC papers shall be immediately returned to the breeder without compensation due to the Buyer.

6.Buyer is to discuss the accidental breeding immediately in then after further examination will decide on what action to take if any..

7. Seller holds the right to a co-ownership with this dog and a possible pick puppy back from a future breeding..

8.Buyer agrees that failure to comply with any of the terms in this agreement shall result in liquidated damages in the amount of $5000.00 per violation, without changing the terms of the agreement.  Buyer further agrees that any litigation rising from failure to comply shall take place in the area of residence of the Breeder, and the prevailing party shall recover reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

9.All terms as stated in the Pet Contract apply to the show contract..with the exception of the sp/nt.. so please be advice to read and make yourself familiar with these rules and terms..

10.Buyer will be asked to sign and notarize this contract and binds himself.herself to it..

Show prospect :  The possibility of future success
Show potential:  Capable of being but not yet in existence
Show Quality:  Measure of excellence or state of being free from any defects that would prevent them from their title..
Co-Ownership: Title ownership held by two or more persons
Warranty:  An agreement between a buyer and a seller.
Guarantee:  Something that assures a particular outcome or condition
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